Candi CDeBaca

Workshop Presenter
Candi CdeBaca is Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Project VOYCE, Reviver & Member of Cross Community Coalition and Founder & Principal of Rebel Soul Strategies.   She is a community advocate in her home community of Northeast Denver, a graduate of Manual High School and the University of Denver. She has been featured as an influential leader and advocate by several publications and outlets including Politico, Fortune, Forbes, New York Times, The Guardian, The Atlantic, 5280 Magazine, Planetizen and Canadian Broadcast Corporation. She has also authored and co-authored publications featured in the Denver Post, Nonprofit Quarterly and Equity Alliance. She is a fierce advocate for justice and has an unwavering commitment to ensuring increased participation of underrepresented groups in the political process and in leadership and decision-making roles across sectors. CdeBaca is a prominent voice in the Denver area on a range of social justice issues, policies and practices including: affordable and attainable housing, people-centric city planning and development, solidarity economics, environmental justice, community schools, youth entrepreneurship, school finance, and youth voice. She is accomplished in compliance, investigation, monitoring, training, motivating, lobbying, policy development and analysis  and leading diverse groups of people to share a mutual vision and achieve common goals. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and seeks to design creative approaches to overcome perceived challenges.