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Kathleen Brickner

Naropa University

My name is Kathleen Brickner. I am currently an environmental studies student at Naropa University. My acadimic career has been vast but my focus for the past 8 years has been plastics and waste management. It began in a biochemistry class back in 2011 where I was instructed to pick any chemical I found interesting and do a research project on it. I picked (BPA) Bisphenol A, and quickly fell down the rabbit hole of plastics and pollution. Throughout my studies I have focused on these issues and developed a vast understanding of our plastic pollution problems. I am in the process of creating a nonprofit called Together For Our Future which works to educate and empower people to make sustainable choices and to understand a wholesome picture of waste management. I have done both primary and secondary research regarding waste management and plastics. My research includes case studies in the Caribbean and Bhutan. I have catered all my education around these subjects to develop a portfolio to share with the world. I have given presentations of my findings within my institutional programs as well as presentations at the Annual H2O Conference. I am honored to share with fellow presenters and attenders of this years Bioneers Conference.