Daniel Ziskin

Daniel Ziskin. was born and raised in southern New Jersey and now lives nearly 2000 miles away in Boulder, CO. He obtained a PhD in physics in 1993, studying climate change. He is both a professional Earth scientist and an ardent environmentalist. He has been active with Natural Transitions and Green Burial Boulder County for several years and he also serves on the board of directors of several "save-the-world" nonprofits such as eGo CarShare and Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary. His interest in green burial and natural funerals springs from his desire to create a life of integrity, literally "from cradle to grave". Daniel works half time at NCAR and also has a computer support business called Escape Goat Data. He is also a co-founder of The Natural Funeral: A Living Arts Center for End-of-Life Education and Green Funerals in Lafayette, Colorado.