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Dr. Denise E Hall

Mother Earth Reverence Farms & Ministries
I am an 'authentic loveservant leader', devoted to honoring and revering all relational beings; through this multi-vocational career, first based in professional veterinary medicine, and then enriched by a career in professional ministry. I am a 'global emissary ambassador veterinarian' for 'creative covenantal beloved community' known as 'Green Pastures AgriVillages' (GPA, agriculturally-based communities)!!! Scholarship includes 'Wholistic Integrative Veterinary Medicine', 'Eco-Quare-Womanist-Mystical theology' and sustainable agriculture.

“Veterinarians are the hub in the wheel of overall community health, wellness, well-being; including preventative, and integrative medicine. This is especially relevant for veterinary medicine."

Through GPA, a 'model prototype' for community-sustainability is available! As 'global emissary ambassador veterinarian', the focus is to ‘showing as well as tell’ the significance for the capacity of veterinarians being an 'integral professional public health participant', available worldwide!

“In being a professional minister, I am called to sustainable living and stewardship agriculture within 'creative covenantal beloved community' from an Eco-Quare- Womanist-Mystical theological perspective; with influences from ancestors, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and Dr. George Washington Carver!

The broad and wholistic prism, of which I offer, brings together the innate wisdom of what it truly means to be human in loving relational connection, with ‘All-That-Is divine-sacred-holy’; be that human, animal, plant, element, and celestial!” – Dr. Hall