Ewket Assefa

Growing up in Ethiopia where plant medicine and localized agriculture are an inherent part of the culture, Ewket was being influenced by her grandmother whom was herbal healer. After moving to the US to pursue higher education, she realized that American food lacked nutritional value and is unsustainable. This opened her eyes to the values of her childhood upbringing, which empowered her to protect local culture and to inspire relocalization of our medicine and food sources. Ewket traveled back to Ethiopia to share her knowledge and to inspire the preservation of the culture and enhancement of local agricultural practices. There she engaged in Environmental Conservation work promoting Soil Improvement and Conservation, water harvesting systems and the protection of the local ecosystems. Ewket has extensive traveling experience throughout the world, sharing and learning about sustainable lifestyles. She hosts several radio programs on KGNU, a local community station where she brings together many cultures from all walks of life. She works with a law firm specializing in Environmental litigation throughout the US. Ewket founded Elevated Naturally, a locally handcrafted, sustainably sourced herbal remedies firm that uses Spagyric techniques, an ancient alchemical procedure used to capture the maximum healing potential of the plant. www.elevatednaturally

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, February 10

4:30pm MST