Irene Vilar

IRENE VILAR is an award winning author and Guggenheim fellow, publisher, environmental activist, and founder of the Colorado based nonprofit Americas for Conservation + the Arts 501(c)(3) with national and international reach. Vilar serves on the Governor’s appointed board of the Colorado Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry. She is also a member of the Denver Foundation Environmental Affinity Group (EAG). Vilar has been an active public speaker for multicultural literacy, reproductive and mental health, environmental justice, and access/equity issues in connecting communities to the outdoors. AFC+A www.americasforconservation.org leverages arts and culture for conservation gains. Its programs aim to create a healthy environment through arts, advocacy, education and engagement of culturally diverse communities. AFC+A advances tools and platforms that empower these populations to provide long-term environmental stewardship, ensuring a healthy environment for ALL cultures. Americas for Conservation + the Arts is the only non-profit of its kind dedicated achieving these goals through the administration of three platforms of cultural production for environmental education via publishing, literary & public speaker representation, and an annual seed gathering that advances the arts and sciences as vehicles for environmental change.