Swapnil Kumar

Swapnil Kumar, a Masters student at University of Colorado Boulder is an unflinching optimist and an arduous mechanical engineer. He envisions to bring about a positive change in the society, to make the world sustainable and believes technology can be the biggest facilitator to overcome the challenges that our society currently faces. He, with his team invented the first successful powered Urea deep placement (UDP) applicator, a climate-resilient fertilization method that's boosting yields and incomes for rice farmers across the world. The method can revolutionize Rice Farming Globally and also save the environment from disastrous Global Warming & Water Pollution and still increase soil Organic content and greatly increase productivity! Also, he worked on developing biomass and solar powered off-gridcold storage systems to close the gap in the food supply chain in underdeveloped countries. As an MIT Fellow, he co-founded a social enterprise during the Make In India program for empowering rural women through a sustainable business model around natural soap making. In addition, as a LeadEARTH Fellow, he led a campaign in National Capital Region, India for conservation of water resources and replenishing groundwater table of worst affected areas by Rainwater harvesting and Grey-water recycling techniques, currently harvesting about 500 Million Litres of water annually from rooftops of apartment buildings, serving approximately 10,00 families in Delhi.